Hike Schedule 2017 Format

Sunday No. A1904-775      Oct 06, 2019
Mountain Treasures Camporee #14 at Appletree Campground 12:00 AM
Rated C-C, Kathleen Hannigan, 828-230-4883, kathannigan@gmail.com

**No Meeting Place Selected
The fall Mountain Treasures Camporee will be held Friday-Sunday, Oct. 4-6 at the Appletree Campground near Nantahala Gorge. Hikes of various lengths and difficulty will be offered Saturday and Sunday. Dinner will be shared Saturday night. Ham and turkey will be offered for an additional small cost ($3-$5). Bring a side dish to share. The cost for a campsite is $10 per person for two nights. To reserve a space, send $10 for each person in your group to Kathleen Hannigan at 307 River Ridge Drive, Asheville, NC 28803, or you can pay her through PayPal using kathannigan@gmail.com. The CMC camporees are held to recognize the importance of North Carolina's Mountain Treasures, 41 areas within our Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests that stand out with special conservation, recreation, scenic, and cultural values.

Saturday No. A1904-89      Oct 12, 2019
Lemon Gap to Max Patch 8:30 AM
Hike 11.0, Drive 100, 1800 ft. ascent, Rated A-A, at-mst
Jim Magura, 828-606-3989, jqs290@gmail.com and Judy Magura, 828-606-1490, quilter290@gmail.com
Only Meeting Place: Home Depot off Exit 44 of I-40. We’ll see the A.T. shelter built by the CMC along a beautiful section of the A.T. We will begin at Lemon Gap, have lunch on top of Max Patch with its beautiful views and return to our cars at Lemon Gap.
Topo(s): Hot Springs

hike report: Beautiful and popular 11 mile up and back from Lemon Gap to Max Patch on the AT. Trail conditions were excellent and it was pretty obvious to all of us that the Friday AT trail maintainers had done a great job of keep the trail in excellent condition. The trail was well used as we encountered several hiking and backpacking groups on our ascent to Max Patch. We did have a short break at the shelter with some overnight campers that were spending the weekend. The group photo at the top of Max Patch includes a young visitor (3rd from the right) that joined us for our lunch break. Her traveling friend also joined us and took the group photo. They were both curious about our group and shared their international travel experiences with us during lunch. Much to their surprise we had plenty of chocolate to share after our lunch break. Weather was fairly good on the hike, but just as we approached the top, a cloud formation came in to obscure our view. But we did have views from the top for a short period of time. Rain threatened on the way down with temperatures dropping in the low 60’s, but the rain arrived after we had completed our hike.

Sunday No. A1904-209      Oct 13, 2019
Buckwheat Knob - Coontree Loop 8:30 AM
Hike 8.0, Drive 70, 2200 ft. ascent, Rated B-AA, p400
Lorraine Bernhardt, 828-676-0255, cell 828-699-8857, lsbernhardt50@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: Pisgah Forest Bi-Lo at 9:00 AM
Form carpools and meet leader at second meeting place. From the trailhead at Coontree Picnic Area, we'll climb along beautiful Coontree Creek through open forest up to Bennett Gap and on to Buckwheat Knob for lunch, then return via the other segment of the Coontree loop. A moderate woodland hike with exceptional views from the ridgeline.
Topo(s): Shining Rock

scout report: This is a pleasant hike with a couple of outstanding long range and ridge line views. Depending on fall color progression, may be scenic for color. The last section to Buckwheat Knob was closed for trail repair but should be open again in October. Jim and Judy scouted with me.....thank you for a lovely day!

Sunday No. A1904-700      Oct 20, 2019
Beech Gap and Hyatt Ridge Trails 8:00 AM
Hike 8.0, Drive 120, 2760 ft. ascent, Rated B-AA, wc100
Mike Knies, 828-628-6712, knies06@att.net
First Meeting Place: Home Depot off Exit 44 of I-40.
Second Meeting Place: Maggie Valley Post Office at 8:30 AM - but contact leader first.
900M This hike will be during the peak of the color season in the Smokies with much of the drive along the high ridge Heintooga/Balsam Mountain Road with spectacular views. After the gentle initial climb through open forests the hike will then descend to visit the Enloe Creek Bridge campsite, which is one of the prettiest places in the national park with massive boulders in the stream and rushing waterfalls. The hike will include sections of the Beech Gap, Hyatt Ridge and Enloe Creek Trails. Short car shuttle.
Topo(s): Bunches Bald,Smokemont

Sunday No. A1904-770      Oct 27, 2019
Burningtown Gap to Wayah Bald 8:00 AM
Hike 8.6, Drive 150, 1100 ft. ascent, Rated B-B, at-mst, ltc
Donna Lanning, 828-684-7083, cell 828-606-7956, dblanning@bellsouth.net
First Meeting Place: Home Depot off Exit 44 of I-40.
Second Meeting Place: Haywood County Rest Area 19500 Great Smoky Mtn Expy (US 23/74) Waynesville NC at 8:30 AM - but contact leader first.
This is an in-and-out hike, starting at Burningtown Gap and running south on the Appalachian Trail to top out on Wayah Bald (5342'). On the rock tower there are lots of plaques identifying peaks on the skyline.
Topo(s): Wayah Bald

hike report: Debbie, Karen and I throughly enjoyed the hike up to Wayah Bald Sunday. The sky was clear and the woods were beautiful, it couldn’t have been nicer weather after the rain Saturday night. The drive out and back was very picturesque and the Nantahala river was running high which was dramatic in the rapids areas. We saw two AT hikers (and possibly a few others we didn’t talk to) who were finishing up their thru hike within the week and quite a few day hikers. We also heard a big crack that turned out to be a tree falling not too far from us which was a little disconcerting. True to my reputation of seeing wildlife while hiking, we saw a little snake and about a million ladybugs on the fire tower. (Do they count?) The hike turned out to be around 2000 ft of elevation gain and 10 miles. Donna

scout report: I realize the driving distance to the trailhead is long (approx 1 1/2 hours) but it’s a pretty drive and worth the time...the view from Wayah Bald fire tower is as outstanding as I remember. The trail is easy to hike, and well maintained. Also, the leaves were still mostly green so by late October it will be lovely as the color should be peaking or close to it at the elevations that we’ll be going through both on the drive and on the trail. There is a climb to get up to the bald but the rest is moderate. Paul had three different apps that read the mileage closer to 10 than the 8.6 in the description. It was a beautiful day that I hope will repeat on hike day. Donna

Sunday No. A1904-248      Nov 03, 2019
Spivey Gap to Nolichucky River 8:00 AM
Hike 11.2, Drive 110, 2000 ft. ascent, Rated A-AA, at-mst
Henry Kassell, 845-656-5528, hkassell@gmail.com
Only Meeting Place: 160 Zillicoa St. (USFS parking lot) off Exit 25 of I-26. Follow the A.T. north from Spivey Gap to the hostel at the Nolichucky River. Great view of the Nolichucky Gorge. Car shuttle.
Topo(s): Chestoa

hike report: 12 hikers showed up for this classic fall hike on Sunday. Lacking our cold weather acclimation, the 50 deg. temps kept us moving through rhododendron tunnels and numerous coves that zigzagged from Spivey Gap to Erwin. We lunched at "No Business Shelter" about 5 miles into the 11.3 mile hike. One of the few concrete block constructions I've seen on the AT. And longing for a view, we finally found one at a steep precipice over the deep valley of the Nolichucky River about 3/4's of a mile from the end.

Sunday No. A1904-290      Nov 10, 2019
Shut-in trail through Bent Creek 10:00 AM
Hike 9.0, Drive 5, 900 ft. ascent, Rated B-C, at-mst
Karen Lachow, 703-395-5879, heyk127@hotmail.com
Only Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26. From the park on NC 191 along the French Broad River, we will embark on a hike through Bent Creek via the Shut-In, Carolina Mountain, Natural Garden, Wesley Branch, and Old Mill Trails, with stops at Lake Powhatan and the Arboretum.
Topo(s): Asheville

hike report: Eleven hikers joined me on this easy going, pleasant hike through the woods on the Shut-in/MST Trail, into Bent Creek and then through the NC Arboretum. It was a perfect weather day, starting in the mid 40's and quickly getting up to the low 60's with a beautiful blue sky. We began at 10:20am and finished at 2:50pm including stops for lunch at Lake Powhatan and the Education Center of the Arboretum. Being so close, this is the perfect hike for these days with less daylight.

scout report: I scouted this hike on Sunday Oct. 6, joined by Bruce B., Carroll K., Jan O. and Sophie the hiking dog. This is a very moderate and enjoyable 9-mile trek that begins on the MST/Shut-In Trail near the entrance to the NC Arboretum. This 2.3-mile stretch climbs steadily and has most of the 900 feet of total elevation gain. We turned off onto the Hard Times Trail down into Bent Creek Forest, detoured over to Lake Powhatan where we stopped for lunch. We then backtracked to the Old Bent Creek Gap Trail, through the gate of the Arboretum and up the beautiful Carolina Mountain Trail (named for CMC). We stopped for a break at the Education Center then continued on through the Arboretum, past the entrance to the trailhead. It was a great day to be outside, cool and overcast, with lots of hikers, runners, bicycles, dogs and even a cat on the trail. We started hiking at 10:10am and finished at 3:20pm. Anyone coming from the South/Hendersonville area who may want to meet at the trailhead should contact me first. Parking at the trailhead was very crowded. - Karen

Saturday No. A1904-60      Nov 16, 2019
Pilot Mountain From Gloucester Gap 10:00 AM
Hike 6.5, Drive 80, 1900 ft. ascent, Rated B-A, p400
Marcia Bromberg, 828-505-0471, cell 860-798-9905, mwbromberg@yahoo.com
First Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: Pisgah Forest Bi-Lo at 10:30 AM
This hike is usually done in the spring to take advantage of spring wildflowers and the beautiful pink-shell azaleas. By doing it in the fall we'll have more views and, hopefully, we'll be able to gaze down at fall leaves in all their beauty. The hike starts with a steep climb to the summit of Pilot Mtn., then down to Deep Gap. We’ll return on a pleasant, seldom-used graveled forest road. We can also extend the hike to 8 miles by going on to Sassafras Knob and Farlow Gap. I'll let the hikers make this choice.
Topo(s): Shining Rock

scout report: Seven of us scouted this hike on a perfect fall day. Pisgah Forest was full of hikers and bikers, including the most hikers I've ever seen on this section of the Art Loeb Trail. The ascent to Pilot Mountain is 1900' over about 3 miles. Hiking poles are recommended. But the views from the top make the hike worthwhile. For our scout we did not to the "add on" to Sassafras Knob so ended up going about 6 miles. We'll make the decision about how far we want to go on the day of the hike. The downhill is mostly on forest service road, with the last little bit back on the trail.

hike report: Another beautiful day to hike up Pilot Mountain. Although most of the leaves were down, that just gave the 5 of us better views on our way to the top and at the top. I never tire of doing this hike although I'm usually pretty tired when I'm done!

Sunday No. A1904-119      Nov 17, 2019
Charlies Bunion from Newfound Gap and return 8:30 AM
Hike 9.8, Drive 135, 2400 ft. ascent, Rated A-AA, sb6k
Randy Fluharty, 828-423-9030, rfluharty54@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: Home Depot off Exit 44 of I-40.
Second Meeting Place: Maggie Valley Post Office at 9:00 AM - but contact leader first.
This scenic in-and-out hike will follow the A.T. from Newfound Gap to a spectacular lunch spot at Charlies Bunion. After lunch we’ll do a side trip to Mt. Kephart and the Jumpoff.
Topo(s): Clingmans Dome

scout report: Beth and I scouted this hike on October 10, a nice day with just a hint of color in the trees. The hike starts with a 2.7 mile climb on the AT to the Boulevard Trail junction. The trail is rocky and rooty, but beautiful with that high Smokies fir trees look. A short side trip up the Boulevard Trail leads to a climb to the Jump Off on a side trail and offers a great view. Returning to the AT, we descended to Charlies Bunion for lunch. The return trip is uphill for the first 1.3 miles and then it is mostly down to our starting point at Newfound Gap.

hike report: Seven of us had a beautiful and warmer than expected hike to Charlies Bunion on Sunday, November 17. It was cool but not cold when we started from Newfound Gap at 10:15, and the sky was clear blue. We ran into ice on the trail between Newfound Gap and the Sweat Heifer junction. This made the going slow and slippery. There were areas of ice and no ice as we continued. We stopped at the Ice Water Springs shelter for a break and then continued on to Charlie's Bunion where we ate lunch. After lunch we took a short side trip to the top of the knoll above Charlie's Bunion where we had a great view of the surrounding mountains and of Charlie's Bunion itself. We started our return trip and when we got to the Boulevard Trail, we took another side trip to the Jump Off. This has a great view and we could look back on Charlie's Bunion where we had been. Returning to the AT, we headed back down to Newfound Gap, arriving about 4:30. By then it had gotten colder, near 40 degrees, so we were glad to get in our cars.

Saturday No. A1904-200      (canceled)      Nov 23, 2019
Jones Gap Park to US 276 8:00 AM
Hike 11.2, Drive 95, 1200 ft. ascent, Rated A-B,
Brenda Worley, 828-684-8656, cell 828-606-7297, bjdworley@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: Cracker Barrel Restaurant off Exit 53 of I-26 in parking lot close to I-26 at 8:30 AM
Form carpools and meet leader at second meeting place. An in-out hike. Follows the Jones Gap Trail (part of the Foothills Trail) along the Middle Saluda River most of the way, with lunch at a nice double waterfall. Elevation change is a very gradual 1200 feet. Remember S.C. Jones Gap State Park is a fee area with $5 per person for hiking.
Topo(s): Standingstone Mtn,Waynesville

scout report: Thanks to Susan who scouted this lovely hike with me today. We got to the trail head at 9:30 AM and back to our car at 2:45 PM. Per my phone, the hike was 9.5 miles long with a gradual elevation of 1300'. The trail is mostly along the beautiful Saluda River, but it is very rocky in many places and this time of year covered with leaves. We enjoyed lunch at the Dargan's Cascade and then returned to the car.

Sunday No. A1904-611      Nov 24, 2019
Big Ivy - Walker Ridge Loop 9:00 AM
Hike 8.6, Drive 35, 1700 ft. ascent, Rated B-A,
Les Love, 828-658-1489, cell 828-230-1861, lesrlove55@gmail.com and Catherine Love, 828-658-1489, catmlove2@gmail.com
Only Meeting Place: 160 Zillicoa St. (USFS parking lot) off Exit 25 of I-26. On this variation of hike #611, we'll begin on Walker Creek Trail to FS road 74 and walk 0.3 mile down the road to lovely Walker Falls, then up the Perkins Trail to Laurel Gap Trail. Our next 2 miles is a stroll on the contour with beautiful views since leaves are absent. Next down the steep Bear Pen and Staire Creek Trails to the cars.
Topo(s): Barnardsville

hike report: The weather prediction of windy and high of 50 turned into a beautiful snow filled day with no wind for over half of our hike creating a winter wonderland around 30 degrees. There were 14 of us and after the all day rain on Saturday, the Walker Creek falls were full and gorgeous with the backdrop of snow. By 2:30 coming down the steep Staire Creek trail and its impressive rock formations, we were below the snow line and the sun came out to finish the day out on a bright note. A great hike from start to finish! Les & Catherine

scout report: We scouted this on the perfect day, Sunday, 11-10, and the views were great since most of the leaves are off up high. Walker Falls was running full and the hardwood coves are beautiful and park-like. A few minor creek crossings that might be good to have poles for. A spectacular fall hike!

Sunday No. A1904-420      Dec 01, 2019
Tanyard Gap to Allen Gap 8:30 AM
Hike 8.8, Drive 80, 2100 ft. ascent, Rated B-AA, at-mst, ltc
Tish Desjardins, 828-380-1452, desraylet@aol.com
First Meeting Place: 160 Zillicoa St. (USFS parking lot) off Exit 25 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: Corner of US 25/70 & NC 208 at 9:00 AM
Form carpools and meet leader at second meeting place. Great views from Rich Mountain fire tower, a visit to Spring Mountain shelter and one of the prettiest sections of the A.T. in our area highlight this pleasant hike. Car shuttle.
Topo(s): Hot Springs

Sunday No. A1904-567      Dec 08, 2019
Guion Farm P.L. #2 8:00 AM
Hike 10.5, Drive 70, 1850 ft. ascent, Rated A-A,
Danny Bernstein, 828-450-0747, danny@hikertohiker.com
First Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: Pisgah Forest Bi-Lo at 8:30 AM
Form carpools and meet leader at second meeting place. This moderate, low-elevation “double back in-and-out” hike starts and ends at the Guion Farm Parking Lot in DuPont Forest. After a 1200-ft. ascent and descent to enjoy the views from Stone Mountain, we will hike to scenic Wintergreen Falls on a flat trail and return to the cars. The hiking pace will be moderate.
Topo(s): Standingstone Mtn

scout report: Diane J. and I scouted this DuPont Forest in the northeast corner of the forest. The first part is a moderate climb to Stone Mountain where we have magnificent views below. This area is a very different DuPont Forest from what we usually know. But what is a DuPont hike without at least one waterfall? After lunch, we'll find Wintergreen Falls, the most secluded falls of the six waterfalls. The photo is of the view from Stone Mountain. Thank you, Diane, for your help and your great conversation.

Saturday No. A1904-642      Dec 14, 2019
Smokemont Loop 10:00 AM
Hike 6.2, Drive 110, 1300 ft. ascent, Rated B-B,
Carroll Koepplinger, 828-667-0723, cell 828-231-9444, cakoep29@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: Home Depot off Exit 44 of I-40.
Second Meeting Place: Maggie Valley Post Office at 10:30 AM - but contact leader first.
A loop hike from Smokemont Campground that goes up Bradley Fork Trail, paralleling the beautiful stream. We’ll turn left onto Smokemont Loop Trail, crossing Bradley Fork on a long and narrow split-log bridge with a steel cable handrail, to complete the loop over Richland Mountain, with a stop at Bradley Cemetery on the way back. A wonderful late-autumn hike in the Smokies.
Topo(s): Smokemont

Sunday No. A1904-545      Dec 15, 2019
Bent Creek #11 - Boundary Trail 9:00 AM
Hike 8.3, Drive 15, 1100 ft. ascent, Rated B-B, p400
Becky Smucker, 828-231-2198, bjsmucker@gmail.com
Only Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26. This moderate hike explores several trails close to Asheville. From Bent Creek Gap we will follow the MST to the Bent Creek boundary trail, on to Ingles Field Gap, to Ledford Branch Rd. and down to Deer Lake Lodge Trail and the Rice Pinnacle parking lot. Great views if the weather cooperates. Car shuttle.
Topo(s): Skyland

scout report: Thanks, Rocko, for helping me with this scout Nov. 24. If we get a day half so lovely for the actual hike as we did for the scout, we'll count ourselves lucky. This route takes us around the western perimeter of the Bent Creek area, so, as is normal in the mountains, much of it is on the ridge with wonderful winter views and provides an opportunity to learn the lay of the land. There are two steep climbs in the first half of the hike, and one steep drop along the ridge that was quite slick with fallen leaves. The perimeter trail, which is a lot of the first half the hike, is not a CMC-maintained quality trail, more like a half-ignored manway, so a few spots are eroded side-hill and some is a bit brushy. The second half of the hike is more open roadway and drops down onto well-used trails. We'll have a car shuttle. See you! Becky

Sunday No. A1904-279      Dec 22, 2019
Montreat Trestle Grade - Pot Cove Trail 9:15 AM
Hike 7.5, Drive 35, 1900 ft. ascent, Rated B-A,
Daisy Teng Karasek, 828-505-2036, cell 408-887-3666, daisytk@yahoo.com
First Meeting Place: River Ridge Market Place behind CVS off Exit 53B of I-40.
Second Meeting Place: Ingles off Exit 64 of I-40 (Black Mountain) at 9:30 AM
Form carpools and meet leader at second meeting place. A partial loop hike over Lookout Rock and along the East Ridge and Trestle Road Trails to Pot Cove. Return along the Mitchell Road and Trestle Road Trails. A moderately strenuous beginning followed by a very gentle return. Good winter views.
Topo(s): Montreat

scout report: I scouted this hike on December 8 with Mary Beth. It was a cold but, fortunately, sunny day. The trails were dry but there was thick leaf cover in many spots. The first half of the hike provides a great workout, summiting three peaks -- Lookout Rock, Brushy Mountain and Rocky Head. We started around 9 am and reached Pot Cove Gap by noon. After lunch, the hike was on the Old Mitchell Toll Road, a nice gradual descent to Buck Gap where we made a brief stop at the shelter and then went on the Trestle Grade to get back to Lookout Trail and back to the trailhead around 2:30 pm. Bring walking poles to handle a few steep sections as well as rocky parts. The network of trails in this part of Montreat allows for modification based on weather conditions. We should be able to have a good hike on December 22. *NOTE: I followed the route as described in Let's Go, not the route listed in the hike database. They do not match.

Saturday No. A1904-498      Dec 28, 2019
High Windy and High Top 9:45 AM
Hike 7.7, Drive 40, 1900 ft. ascent, Rated B-A,
Barbara Morgan, 828-460-7066, barbc129@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: River Ridge Market Place behind CVS off Exit 53B of I-40.
Second Meeting Place: Ingles off Exit 64 of I-40 (Black Mountain) at 10:00 AM
A fairly steep ascent on beautiful backwoods trails in the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly area. High Windy is the former site of a lookout tower. We'll hike another mile to High Top for more views to the north and east. Back the same way we came.

Sunday No. A1904-97      Dec 29, 2019
Long Branch, Art Loeb & Butter Gap Trails Loop 8:00 AM
Hike 12.0, Drive 70, 1600 ft. ascent, Rated A-A, p400
Sallye Sanders, 208-550-2070, sallye_sanders@yahoo.com
First Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: Pisgah Forest Bi-Lo at 8:30 AM
Form carpools and meet leader at second meeting place. Highlights of this trip, which begins and ends at the Pisgah Forest Fish Hatchery, are the McCall family cemetery, views from Rich Mountain, Chestnut Mountain, the Art Loeb Trail and a visit to Grogan Creek Falls.
Topo(s): Shining Rock

Tuesday No. Y1904-911      Dec 31, 2019
Judy's Test Hike to Lands End 9:00 AM
Hike 10.0, Drive 50, 1500 ft. ascent, Rated A-B, at-mst, wc100
Judy Magura, 828-606-1490, quilter290@gmail.com and Jim Magura, 828-606-3989, jqs290@gmail.com
Only Meeting Place: River Ridge Market Place behind CVS off Exit 53B of I-40. New Test Hike to validate procedure. Estimated length 10 miles. Starting Elevation 2500 feet, ending elevation 3500. . Beautiful test hike, lots of rocks, roots, waterfalls and easy climbing. Modified