Hike Schedule 2017 Format

Sunday No. A2004-383      Oct 04, 2020
Fawn Lake P.L. #2 9:00 AM
Hike 7.9, Drive 35, 1400 ft. ascent, Rated B-B, wc100
Lorraine Bernhardt, 828-676-0255, cell 828-699-8857, lsbernhardt50@gmail.com
Only Meeting Place: Pisgah Forest Bi-Lo. Distance from Asheville = 80 mi. roundtrip. Have you hiked the Reasonover Creek Trail recently? This hike will give an opportunity to hike to two lakes, Lake Julia and Fawn Lake, and beautiful Bridal Veil Falls.
Topo(s): Standingstone Mtn

hike report: We had a beautiful day for this hike. The wet crossings were much better than a few weeks ago as the water had receded. We watched 4 bikers cross just after us. Lake Julia was our choice for a group picture as it was beautifully framed by trees starting to change color. The rocks at the base of the falls were once again available for our lunch spot. Nice day with an enjoyable group of hikers.

scout report: I always enjoy this hike! It is a less populated area of DuPont Forest and the two lakes and Bridal Veil Falls are a treat. Donna scouted this with me and we experienced light rain on the first half of the hike . It eventually cleared but the evidence of previous rainfall was seen on the trails. We had two wet crossings, the first was a rock hop and we stayed mostly dry. The second was just above our knees, so it will be necessary to either have water shoes or go barefoot (our choice and not a problem). The falls were incredible, raging rapids that flooded the trail and prohibited accessing our favorite rocks for lunch. We finished under 4.5 hours.

Sunday No. A2004-242      Oct 11, 2020
Sam Knob - Devils Courthouse 9:30 AM
Hike 9.0, Drive 60, 1500 ft. ascent, Rated B-B, p400,sb6k
Thomas Butler, 361-484-3381, tom3381@outlook.com
Only Meeting Place: BRP Cold Mountain Overlook at MM 412. Driving distance from Asheville = 60 mi. round trip. We should see good leaf color on this hike in the cool high elevations. From FS 816 we will ascend Sam Knob (6040-ft.) with its 360-degree views, then hike through high meadows on the Flat Laurel and Little Sam Trails. We then return via the MST across FS 816 and up to the summit of Black Balsam (6214-ft.), then down to our cars.
Topo(s): Sam Knob

Saturday No. A2004-612      Oct 17, 2020
Devils Courthouse - Flat Laurel Creek 10:00 AM
Hike 7.5, 1000 ft. ascent, Rated B-C, p400,sb6k
Sarah Broughton, 828-564-3662, sarahebroughton@icloud.com
Only Meeting Place: BRP Cold Mountain Overlook at MM 412. Driving distance from Asheville = 60 mi. roundtrip. We will go south on the Art Loeb Trail, view Pilot Mountain from an off-trail overlook and then hike to Devils Courthouse for lunch. Next we'll hike back to the MST, down Little Sam Trail to the Flat Laurel Creek Trail, which we'll follow back to FS 816 and our cars. Optional side trip to SB6K Chestnut Bald for any peak-baggers.
Topo(s): Shining Rock

hike report: A modified version of this hike was offered due to limited parking for the caravan at the trailhead. 9 hikers enjoyed the clear skies and gorgeous views from Devils Courthouse to the waterfalls at Flat Laurel Creek Trail, and back. Leaves were near peak.

scout report: On the day of the scout, trails were wet in some places. Some trails are rocky. The leaves should be near peak for the hike!

Sunday No. A2004-371      Oct 18, 2020
Squirrel Gap to Horse Cove Gap 8:30 AM
Hike 11.4, Drive 80, 500 ft. ascent, Rated A-C, p400
Carroll Koepplinger, 828-667-0723, cell 828-231-9444, cakoep29@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: Pisgah Forest Bi-Lo at 9:00 AM
Make reservations by email only. This moderate hike will be a shorter version of hike #371. We will start from the Gauging Station, hike to Wolfe Ford, and take the Squirrel Gap Trail to Squirrel Gap. Return will be via the same route.
Topo(s): Pisgah Forest

hike report: A perfect day for a fall hike! Nine hikers began the hike with temps at 39 degrees and in the low 60's with sunny skies and no wind. Wow! Due to the gate being closed on the road leading to the Gauging Sta. we then begin the hike at 9:55 am and returned at 4:20 pm for a 11.4 mi. and a moderate 925' elevation gain. We spent a leisurely 40 min. lunch at Squirrel Gap and returned on the same trail. A massive growth of mushroom's at Squirrel Gap which may have been "Honey Mushrooms ??). If someone can identify please let me know. Just a great day with CMC members/friends. Carroll

Sunday No. A2004-165      Oct 25, 2020
Mt Leconte, via Boulevard & Alum Cave Trails 8:00 AM
Hike 13.0, Drive 145, 2600 ft. ascent, Rated AA-AA, sb6k
Donna Lanning, 828-684-7083, cell 828-606-7956, dblanning@bellsouth.net
First Meeting Place: Home Depot off Exit 44 of I-40.
Second Meeting Place: Haywood County Rest Area 19500 Great Smoky Mtn Expy (US 23/74) Waynesville NC at 8:45 AM - but contact leader first.
900M This classic and exciting hike features great views from the A.T., Boulevard Trail, our lunch spot at Cliff Tops on 6593-ft. Mt. LeConte, and the spectacular Alum Cave Trail. In addition, you can check out the LeConte Lodge cabins, see many interesting old photos in the common room of the lodge and perhaps buy a T-shirt. Plan on a long day. Car shuttle; hike will be changed if car pooling is still not permitted.
Topo(s): Clingmans Dome

scout report: We will be hiking only the out and back Alum Cave trail (Hike #572 in the hike search database) because of continued Covid restrictions regarding shuttles. Elaine and I scouted this one last week on a beautiful but crowded Thursday. The trail gave us its usual grand views...the fall leaf color changes are still happening but the most prevalent color there that day was yellow, very pretty. Plan for a long day, traffic was heavy and the parking was very sparse even though we arrived at 9:30 am on a weekday. Donna

hike report: As noted in my scout report, we hiked only the Alum Cave trail to Mt. Leconte because of Covid restrictions. Five of us had a fun time together and enjoyed cool but surprisingly humid weather at the beginning of the hike, we shed layers quickly. The views were spectacular, most of the leaves had already fallen but there were still some lovely color here and there. When arriving at the lodge and then up to Cliff Tops, the mountain was totally socked in with fog. One hiker wanted to bag the summit and he did that while the rest of us finished up lunch. It was a little foggy about a third of the way back and then the skies cleared to give us the afternoon views of the mountains with bits of color. What was kind of fun was that we ended up hiking up and back with the same groups and couples we went up with. We would leap frog with each other as one or the other stopped, never at the same time so we stayed spread out for the most part but still exchanged smiles and comments as the day went on. Hiking camaraderie was most enjoyable that day! Donna

Saturday No. A2004-337      Oct 31, 2020
Shining Rock from Black Balsam #1 7:30 AM
Hike 11.0, Drive 65, 1500 ft. ascent, Rated A-B, p400,sb6k
Jim Magura, 828-606-3989, jqs290@gmail.com and Judy Magura, 828-606-1490, quilter290@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: end of FS 816 (Black Balsam parking lot) at 8:30 AM
We will take the ALT from FS 816 to Shining Rock (6040 ft.), climbing Black Balsam (6214 ft.), Tennent Mtn. (6040 ft.) and Grassy Cove Top (6040 ft.) along the way. This will be your chance to bag four SB6K peaks while enjoying beautiful views covering the area from Pilot Mtn. to Cold Mtn. We’ll return via the Ivestor Gap Trail to get a different perspective on the same area.
Topo(s): Sam Knob

hike report: Since we anticipated a large crowd at the end of route 816, we met at the beginning of the trail head at 8:00 am at the Art Lobe side trail at the rest area. We had thirteen hikers sign up for this hike and as a result we split the group into two hiking teams. Sallye volunteered to lead two of the hikers and Judy / Jim led the eight hikers that remained. Given the temperature was below 32, we kicked off the hike on a very steep climb up to Black Balsam via the Art Loeb access side trail from the parking lot. We were a bit disappointed as the east side of the mountain was in a fog bank as was Tennent Mountain. Fortunately, temperatures warmed later in the morning and we proceed around Grassy Cove Top toward Shining Rock for a lunch break. We were able to secure southern views on Shining Rock for a lunch break to look back and enjoy the trip we had made that morning from Black Balsam. The rock ledge is also visible on a clear day from Black Balsam. We returned without incident to the parking lot via the Shining Rock Ledge Trail and side road.

Sunday No. A2004-782      Nov 01, 2020
Thomas Divide - Smokemont 8:00 AM
Hike 10.5, Drive 125, 1400 ft. ascent, Rated A-B,
Mike Knies, 828-628-6712, knies06@att.net
First Meeting Place: Home Depot off Exit 44 of I-40.
Second Meeting Place: Maggie Valley Post Office at 8:30 AM - but contact leader first.
900M A scenic fall hike on the Thomas Divide and Newton Bald Trails down to Smokemont. May still be some late leaf color along the way. Note: 4000 ft. descent. Car shuttle; hike will be changed if car pooling is still not allowed.
Topo(s): Clingmans Dome,Smokemont

Sunday No. A2004-778      Nov 08, 2020
Bracken Mountain - Brushy Creek Trails 8:30 AM
Hike 7.8, 1400 ft. ascent, Rated B-B,
Karen Lachow, 703-395-5879, heyk127@hotmail.com
Only Meeting Place: Pisgah Forest Bi-Lo. Reservations by email only. This hike will include the Bracken Mtn. and Brushy Creek Trails. This is a great late fall hike so depending on the leaves, we should have some great views. Driving distance from Asheville is 65 miles roundtrip.
Topo(s): Rosman,Shining Rock

scout report: Daisy Karasek and I scouted this hike on Oct. 26. We reached the trailhead at 10:00am and were surprised to find the parking lot full on a Monday. The lot is on the small side and has me concerned for the day of the hike so I've changed to an earlier meeting time. The day started out with some fog and about 100% humidity but turned into one of the nicest Autumn hikes either of us has had so far this season. Leaves on the trees were full of color and the trails were covered with fallen ones. All of the trails were in good condition despite this being a mountain biking area. We started up the Bracken Mtn. Trail which has a few steady climbs but mostly nice gradual ups and downs thanks to many switchbacks. On the return, we turned briefly onto the Mackey Ridge Trail to get to the Brushy Creek Trail. We stopped for a snack at the Shelter and then continued on. This is a lovely trail with waterfalls, bridges and many “points of interest” noted by signs along the way. Most of the trails are lined with Mountain Laurel and Rhododendrons and might make for a great Spring flower hike. A very pleasant hike and hopefully it will be a nice day. Note: Both Daisy and I tracked this hike at just over 11 miles using 3 different GPS devices; way over what it should be. We later figured out we had hiked the Bracken Mtn. Trail an additional 1.2 miles further to where the actual forest boundary starts rather than where this hike usually turns around at the bench. We will not be going that far on this hike. We also came across the Pinnacle Trail near the top of Bracken Mtn. It has a pink blaze, is marked difficult and isn’t on any of the maps. We later saw it came out onto the Brushy Creek trail. I did an internet search and found a press release from August 2019 announcing the completion of this new trail. It is about 1.5 miles long with a 500 ft elevation gain. Something to explore another time.

Saturday No. A2004-193      Nov 14, 2020
NC 215 to Mt. Hardy 9:30 AM
Hike 7.0, Drive 75, 1100 ft. ascent, Rated B-B, Wilderness hike, limited to ten hikers, contact leader for reservation. p400,sb6k
Marcia Bromberg, 828-505-0471, cell 860-798-9905, mwbromberg@yahoo.com
Only Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26. For those who wish to convoy, meet at Asheville Outlets at 9:30 AM. Meet leader at gravel parking area 1/3 mile north of the BRP on NC 215 at 10:30 AM. On this variation of hike #193, we'll hike the MST into the Middle Prong Wilderness and to the base of Mt. Hardy, gradually gaining 700' in elevation along the way. Then we'll head up the short steep trail to the top of Mt. Hardy where the summit is in a beautiful grove of trees. (Sorry no views). If we want to add a little extra to the hike we can take a short side hike to an open field where we'll catch all those views we missed at the top of Mt. Hardy.
Topo(s): Sam Knob

hike report: We had a perfect day for our "assault" on Mt. Hardy--sunny and pleasantly warm. After a little bit of a slog on a wet and muddy MST we headed up the unmarked Mt. Hardy trail, getting just a little lost at the top. We think we found the summit or, at least, we were close to it. To award ourselves for our hard work we hiked on to a field opposite Mt. Hardy for beautiful 360 views and warm sunshine. The pictures show us beginning the Mt. Hardy portion of the hike and clustered around our version of the peak.

Sunday No. A2004-278      Nov 15, 2020
Kitsuma Peak 9:00 AM
Hike 10.0, 1550 ft. ascent, Rated A-A,
Danny Bernstein, 828-450-0747, dannyhiker@gmail.com
Only Meeting Place: Old Fort Picnic Area. Driving distance from Asheville = 60 mi. round trip. Full driving instructions to trailhead meeting place when you sign up. The hike takes us up Youngs Ridge and offers great views of Greybeard, Green Knob, and the Mt. Mitchell area. We will return on old US 70, blocked off to traffic, where we will see the railroad and numerous tunnel portals. Email to reserve your spot. Must be paid-up CMC member.
Topo(s): Old Fort

scout report: A classic hike east of Asheville in the Grandfather Mountain District of Pisgah National Forest. The hike starts with a vigorous uphill for about two hours. The trail is well-maintained and clear. At the top, we're rewarded with great views. Then it's down, down, down for the rest of the hike. We follow the train tracks and the Swananoa tunnels. Very historic. Thank you to Peter and Stacy H. for helping me scout the hike.

hike report: A great hike with seven other friendly hikers. Lots of good conversations even as we were huffing and puffing up Kitsuma Peak. We ended very early and went to see Andrew's Geyser which was not spewing water. This is hike #80 of the 100 best hikes.

Sunday No. A2004-186      Nov 22, 2020
Little Pisgah Mountain 9:15 AM
Hike 10.0, Drive 20, 2000 ft. ascent, Rated A-AA,
Bev MacDowell, 828-777-5806, bevmacdowellhappy@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: Ingles on US 74-A 1-1/2 miles south of I-40 Exit 53.
Second Meeting Place: Upper Hickory Nut Gorge Trailhead (Florence Nature Preserve) at 9:30 AM
Driving distance from Asheville = 25 mi. roundtrip. Meet leader at the second meeting place at 9:30 AM. We'll hike from the parking lot up into an open meadow leading to the summit of Little Pisgah Mtn. If the weather is clear, the view doesn't get any better.
Topo(s): Bat Cave

scout report: I scouted on October 23 with two friends. It was a beautiful fall day with bountiful colors. There were a couple of spots we had to duck under or travel around...awaiting trail maintenance. Lovely forest, beautiful views.

hike report: I had 3 cancelations in the final 72 hours, heard back from 3 of the 5 remaining on my waitlist...none able to join. I got one walk in CMC hiker, came hoping I had a spot, which put our total hikers at 8. We had an overcast day, some peeps of sun, with temperatures in 50s-60s. The FNP blue trail has spots that need maintenance attention...some duck unders and walk arounds, but nothing insurpassable. Beautiful forest walk and fabulous views along the top half of L.P.Road to the tower. With a nice sit down lunch, this is a 5 hour day.

Saturday No. A2004-151      Nov 28, 2020
Big East Fork to Shining Rock via Old Butt #2 8:00 AM
Hike 8.5, Drive 60, 3100 ft. ascent, Rated B-AA+, Wilderness hike, limited to ten hikers, contact leader for reservation. p400,sb6k
Jim Magura, 828-606-3989, jqs290@gmail.com and Judy Magura, 828-606-1490, quilter290@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: Home Depot off Exit 44 of I-40.
Second Meeting Place: Big East Fork large parking area on US 276 at 8:45 AM
We will hike from the Big East Fork parking lot up the very steep Chestnut Ridge Trail over Dog Loser and Old Butt knobs to lunch at Shining Rock (6040-ft.), with its exceptional views. We’ll return via a steep descent to the North Fork of Shining Creek.
Topo(s): Shining Rock

scout report: We scouted this hike with Salye, and found it a bit challenging but rewarding with the long uphill to Dog Looser Knob. However, we took our time and were rewarded with some great views of the Black Mountain 6k peaks out toward Black Balsam. We had lunch at the Eastern Ledge of Shining Rock, but may opt for a different view looking back at Tennent Mountain and Black Balsam. The return trip down Shining Creek was spectacular due to the rain which arrived earlier in the week. We did encounter some backpackers that made it up for the evening and a few hikers making the trip back down. This was a trip we had planned for some time to complete all the major trails in and out of the Black Balsam Area. It is definitely one worth taking with good trail conditions.

hike report: Marvelous day in the forest with a group of seven hikers that challenged the alleged second hardest hike in the middle prong. Specifically 2800 feet of elevation gain hiking up a steep trail to Old Butt #2 and Shining Rock. Fortunately, we had great fall weather, a full sun and an enthusiastic group of seven hikers. Lunch was had on Shining Rock looking out toward Black Balsam. We returned by the Shining Creek Trail. Good time was had by all and only few hikers on the trail were encountered. First photo is a shot of the Black Balsam to Shining Rock Ridge line on our scent to Old Butt. Second photo is a shot of the Shining Creek Gap which contains the trail for our return.

Sunday No. A2004-558      Nov 29, 2020
Round Top Ridge to Rich Mtn. 8:30 AM
Hike 10.0, Drive 70, 3000 ft. ascent, Rated A-AA, at-mst
Tish Desjardins, 828-380-1452, desraylet@aol.com
First Meeting Place: 160 Zillicoa St. (USFS parking lot) off Exit 25 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: Corner of US 25/70 & NC 208 at 9:15 AM
Meet leader at second meeting place. From near Hot Springs we will climb to the lookout tower on the summit of Rich Mountain via the Round Top Ridge Trail, then return on the same route.
Topo(s): Hot Springs

hike report: Nice hike through the "old" A.T. route up to the Rich Mtn. tower --- beautiful day --- (cold and windy, though up at the tower) --- thanks again so much to our multiple trail crews who worked for a week and made this trail passable again a few weeks ago --- lots of nice views out there with the leaves all fallen. This hike is probably more like 8 l/2 miles rather than 10 miles, judging from the time it took to complete --- 5 l/4 hours.

Sunday No. A2004-399      Dec 06, 2020
Loop around Cedar Rock Mtn. 8:00 AM
Hike 8.9, Drive 70, 1900 ft. ascent, Rated B-A, p400
Michael Cornn, 828-458-1281, mwcornn@gmail.com and Kathy Cornn/Kyle, 828-458-1282, katherinenkyle@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: Pisgah Forest Fish Hatchery off FS 475 at 8:30 AM
We will do a loop hike from the Fish Hatchery, including Butter Gap, a little-known manway up the south ridge of Cedar Rock Mtn., and Cat Gap. If the weather is clear, our lunch spot will provide great views.
Topo(s): Shining Rock

Saturday No. A2004-845      Dec 12, 2020
Bearwallow - Trombatore Trails 9:00 AM
Hike 7.5, 1900 ft. ascent, Rated B-A,
Brenda Worley, 828-684-8656, cell 828-606-7297, bjdworley@gmail.com
Only Meeting Place: Bearwallow Trailhead. Driving distance from Asheville = 30 mi. roundtrip. Limit of 7 hikers, contact leader for reservation. The Bearwallow trailhead is at Bearwallow Gap, and is marked with a prominent signboard. We will first hike to Bearwallow Mountain with its great views, then return past the Gap onto the Trombatore Trail to a beautiful meadow with long-distance views. We will return on the gravel access road.
Topo(s): Bat Cave

Sunday No. A2004-676      Dec 13, 2020
Hooker Falls P.L. #4 - circular 8:30 AM
Hike 9.5, Drive 75, 1200 ft. ascent, Rated A-B, wc100
Henry Kassell, 845-656-5528, hkassell@gmail.com
First Meeting Place: Asheville Outlets parking lot behind Waffle House off Exit 33 of I-26.
Second Meeting Place: Pisgah Forest Bi-Lo at 9:00 AM
This hike takes in four waterfalls, three lakes, and two cemeteries in one wonderful place - Dupont Forest. Scenes from The Last of the Mohicans were filmed here.
Topo(s): Standingstone Mtn

scout report:

Sunday No. A2004-203      Dec 20, 2020
Tanyard Gap to Lovers Leap 9:00 AM
Hike 8.0, Drive 70, 1500 ft. ascent, Rated B-B, at-mst
Thomas Butler, 361-484-3381, tom3381@outlook.com
Only Meeting Place: 160 Zillicoa St. (USFS parking lot) off Exit 25 of I-26. We will do a variation of hike #203, hiking the A.T. to Lovers Leap and returning via the same route.
Topo(s): Hot Springs

Saturday No. A2004-550      Dec 26, 2020
Paris Mtn. 8:00 AM
Hike 8.7, 2000 ft. ascent, Rated B-AA,
Norm Sharp, 864-268-9409, cell 864-609-7182, norm.Sharp@att.net
Only Meeting Place: Walmart parking lot at US 25 & State Park Rd. Travelers Rest SC. Driving time from Asheville is one hour and distance is 130 mls. roundtrip. Cross road from shelters #5-6 and take Sulphur Springs Trail to Brissy Ridge Trail, Pipsissewa Trail, R onto North Lake Trail (lunch on lakeshore), Kanuga Trail, Fire Tower Trail, R in-and-out to remains of fire tower attendant's house, Sulphur Springs Trail to Mountain Lake, and continue on Sulphur Springs Trail back to trailhead.
Topo(s): Paris Mtn

Sunday No. A2004-588      Dec 27, 2020
Coontree Loop Extended 9:30 AM
Hike 8.7, 1700 ft. ascent, Rated B-A, p400
Daisy Teng Karasek, 828-505-2036, cell 408-887-3666, daisytk@yahoo.com
Only Meeting Place: Pisgah Forest Bi-Lo. Driving distance from Asheville = 65 mi. round trip. We'll hike the Coontree Loop, but extend it by including the Perry Cove and Bennett Gap Trails, with a short walk on FS 477 to connect the two.
Topo(s): Shining Rock